Hello there, I’m Vic Stewart. Thank you for coming to check out my selection of exquisite, custom, handmade Vic’s Wood Art. Here you’ll find the pen, sewing item or other art that will inspire you as you use it. I even carry jewelry, so there’s not much chance you don’t find something you’ll love.

I’ve crafted and developed many pens over the years. Pens that tell a story. Pens that show those who receive them just how important they are to you. And ultimately, pens that are a joy to use. Every time you pick up a pen, you’re doing something important. Writing a letter to a dear friend. Signing your name on an important agreement. Taking notes of the tasks you’re going to accomplish.

Each use of the pen allows you to capture some sort of story. What other way to tell a story than with a quality pen that lays down ink in a way that’s unique to the user?

Vic’s Wood Art truly captures the exclusive feeling of the individual. With Vic’s Wood Art, as with any form of art, it’s one part artist vision and one part artist design. Here’s where the fun (and beauty) really begins. You simply tell me what you want. This includes the style, the feel, the weight, any features, and the “theme” of the pen.

Themes of pens include Military, Musical, and much more. Honestly, if you can think it, I can develop it. In fact, when you create a pen with me, YOU are the artist. I’m simply your developer. I’ve created pens for hundreds of people, all with different backgrounds, passions, and wants. Time after time, we’ve crafted pens that carry meaning, bring back positive memories, and look and feel amazing.

There are many styles and looks your Vic's Wood Art can have, so give me a call at (360) 789-4040 so we can get started creating your next piece.